Local Brisbane artist, Fiona Chivers, attended the Qld College of Art majoring in printmaking and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 1987. My work is currently focused on contemporary landscape and seascape painting, in both oils and watercolour

In my paintings I explore the interaction of natural elements and the relationship between water and land. The coastal areas of South East Qld and the Moreton Bay region are the inspiration for most of my works. A balance between texture, form and colour is used to capture the ever shifting movement of water and it's relationship to the landscape.

My work reflects a theme that encompasses both the shared human experiences of the landscape, with our associated memories of place and the natural cycles of erosion and fragility of the environment.

Central to this theme of my work is the tidal area of the coast where the land meets the forces of the sea. Where, as Australians, we identify this section of the landscape as part of our culture. It is ever changing. Powerful yet fragile.

I enjoy working in both oil and watercolour equally, Oil paint gives the textural element to the work, that I love and allows for washes and layering of colours to give depth and richness to the works
The watercolours are more subtle and have a freshness and delicacy in the colour and line work and have an immediacy and intamacy that I love, and incorpoarting the raw paper is an important element within the work.




2019 - Halcyon Days Exhibition Graydon Gallery

2018 - Group Exhibitions Brisbane

2017 - Group Exhibition Brisbane

2014 - Group Exhibition “Echoes of Life” Graydon Gallery Brisbane

2013 - Group Exhibition “Elements” Percolator Gallery Brisbane

2003 - 2013 Work Aquired by Private Collections

1990 - Work Aquired by Private Collections

1989 - Work Aquired by Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery

1989 - Teaching Part time at Queensland College Of Art

1988 - Teaching Part time at Queensland College Of Art

1988 - Group Exhibition “Queensland Women Artists” Rockhampton

1987 - Print Council of Australia Members Print Commission

1987 - Group Exhibition “New Artists for Queensland” Brisbane

1987 - Attended Queensland College Of Art, Graduated B.A. Fine Art

1986 - Group Exhibition “New Artists for Queensland” Brisbane

1986 - Group Exhibition “Mornington Peninsula”

1986 - Group Exhibition “W.A.I.T” Western Australia

1985 - Travelled to Europe and UK

1983 - 1986 Attended Queensland College Of Art, Graduated Diploma of Fine Art

1965 - Born Brisbane